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Interactive Training Tools

  Sample video screen

Click here for a sample presentation from the Bank of America Conference


Jump-start your employee-training budget with cost-effective interactive training tools from Paradigm Three Communications. CD-ROM based content delivery offers a powerful up side to your training bottom line.

  • Reuse it: Capture a training once and train 10 employees or 10,000.
  • Update it: Add or change content as processes or regulations change.
  • Track it: Add active testing options with automatic results reported via e-mail.
  • Standardize it: Everyone gets the same training and information.
  • Make it flexible: Works for group, individual, or self-paced training settings.
  • Keep it real: Video of your live-trainers keeps the "human factor" in the program.
  • Expand your reach: Allows for broader distribution of training programs.
  • Time is money: Reduce costly line "downtime" of large live-training programs.
  • Use your existing infrastructure: Runs in all CD-ROM drives and on all Windows Operating Systems from Win98 to the present.

Cost per finished hour can be less than $5,000 delivered.


Our turnkey production packages include half-day or full-day video production at your location, any necessary editing to "clean up" the video footage of dead space or presentation errors, and authoring your program in one of our economical user interface formats. Your finished training program is delivered with color, on-disk printed labels and thin-line jewel cases.

If "streaming" video from your on local network is in your plan, we can prepare the same program files for placement on your system servers.